Carbon Transfer Paper
Carbon Transfer Paper
Carbon Transfer Paper
Carbon Transfer Paper
Carbon Transfer Paper

Carbon Transfer Paper

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Our black carbon transfer paper makes it easy to transfer an image onto fabric, paper, wood, or even your living room wall!

This lightly waxed black transfer paper comes in a pack of 3 (three) 8.5 inch x 13 inch BLACK carbon transfer sheets along with easy to follow instructions.

Crafters simply make a "transfer paper sandwich" with their design on top and and carbon transfer paper in the middle. They then trace over their image with a pencil, ballpoint pen, or stylus to print onto the material on the bottom of the stack. Super easy!

This paper works great for tracing embroidery designs, sashiko patterns, wood-burning projects, and creating outlines for painting.

The paper is reusable and the ink washes out of most fabrics! We recommend customers test for ink's washability on a small section of their fabric BEFORE beginning the project since some fabrics tend to hold more ink than others.


Carbon Transfer Paper Pack:

3 Sheets of BLACK carbon transfer paper. Each sheet is 8.5" x 13".
Pack comes in a 4.5" x 6" resealable cell bag and includes easy to follow instructions.

10 units per case for $25! That's only $2.50 per unit, leaving you lots of room for you to build your baskets and maintain a healthy margin. 

You'll receive a small wooden display easel with your first order for easy merchandising!